Plastic circle/ellipse (3 mm thickness, many colors and sizes possible)

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  • Plastic circle/ellipse (3 mm thickness, many colors and sizes
  • Plastic circle/ellipse (3 mm thickness, many colors and sizes
  • Plastic circle/ellipse (3 mm thickness, many colors and sizes
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This is a piece of plastic (acrylate) in a circle or ellipse shape (depending on the dimensions chosen).
Can be used for hobbies, crafts, but also commercial applications.
Select the desired dimensions (width and height) and color. When entering a width that differs from the height, you logically ask for an ellipse.

Thickness: 3 mm
Material: PMMA (acrylate, plexiglass)
Shape: circle/ellipse
Colour: choose yourself.

The photos show as examples various circles and ellipses in some of the available colors.

Plexiglass is UV resistant, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
It is 30x stronger than glass, but 50% lighter than glass.

The items have protective film on both sides, do not forget to remove this film after delivery of the product.

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