Have a small mirror made (3 mm thick, design and color customizable)

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  • Have a small mirror made (3 mm thick, design and color
  • Have a small mirror made (3 mm thick, design and color
  • Have a small mirror made (3 mm thick, design and color
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Do you want to place custom-made mirrors on the wall?
We can make them in various shapes and sizes, with an adhesive layer on the back.

The design of the article is based on an icon/character from a computer font and should be chosen from the available list of icons.
The photos show some examples that you can have us make.

How exactly does this work?

We work with the terms 'width', 'height' and 'thickness'. This is indicated in the photos by the letters W, H and T respectively.

You choose an icon from the list.
You also specify the size of the longest side. This can be the width or the height, depending on the chosen icon.
The size of the short side is thus automatically determined (in connection with the fixed ratio between width and height).


Suppose you want mirrors in the shape of a horse to stick on the wall, each with a longest side of 8 cm.
The following values must then be selected:

Icon: the horse icon
Longest side: 80 mm
Color: choose the desired mirror color (we have several)

See the photos for other examples.


- Thickness of the material: 3 mm
- Mirror color: customizable (determine the desired mirror color yourself)
- Dimensions: determine the desired size of the longest side yourself
- Material: PMMA (acrylic, plexiglass)
- The material to be cut away from this item is also included, this can be useful, for example, for positioning during pasting on the wall.
- When ordering 2 or more copies of different colors, multicolor combinations can be made (such as the rainbow in the example photos).

General information about this material

Acrylic material is UV resistant, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
It is 30x stronger than glass, but 50% lighter than glass.

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