Custom-made plastic letters and numbers (3 mm thickness, PMMA, multiple colors and sizes)

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  • Custom-made plastic letters and numbers (3 mm thickness, PMMA
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Make your own text from plastic (3 mm thickness, PMMA, multiple colors and sizes possible).
Choose a letter and size and select the desired color.
This item includes 1 single letter. When ordering multiple letters, a word or sentence can be created.


We work with the terms 'width', 'height' and 'thickness'. This is indicated in the photos by the letters W, H and T respectively.
- Dimensions: enter the width (W) of your letter (in millimeters). The height (H) is then determined automatically (due to the fixed ratio between width and height).
- Please note that not all letters in a font are always the same width. For example, when ordering the letter I and the letter W from the same font (in 1 order), the width you specify will determine the letter W, not the letter I. The width of the letter I will then be proportional with the letter W. Not clear what we mean? Please email us for more information.
- Thickness (T): 3 mm
- Color: choose yourself
- Material: PMMA (cast acrylic, plexiglass)
- UV resistant
- Supplied with double-sided tape on the back, for easy sticking to flat walls.
- Equipped with protective film on the front to prevent damage. Do not forget to remove this foil before using the product.

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